Sales Training – Workshops


Sales Training is essential to maintaining a professional sales organization.  Whether you have 3 or 300 sales people they always need to have a fresh perspective on sales skills.

Our concept with sales training is that it should be educational and fun with full participation.  These are not rah-rah do it and forget it sessions.  We will customize a sales training workshop curriculum for your organization that can be a one-hour, one-day event or a series of sessions covering a range of topics.  Your sales teams will come away with valuable sales skills to help them sell more.  Schedule a discussion time to review your options that will enhance the performance of your sales people.

Here’s just a few ideas:


Sales 101 – an overview of fundamental sales skills that is applicable for new sales teams to experienced sales pros.  Topics and length is determined by your specific needs.


Funnel Logic – how to build and maintain a successful sales funnel.  Know your metrics, be honest, know what conditions must be met to keep an account active, and how to keep your funnel growing with deals that sell.


Leadership Principles of Problem Solving – great workshop for everyone in your company.  Problems are defined as roadblocks, projects, goals, and people issues. Learn the 5 Steps to Solving BIG Problems and discover the 3 Ways to figure out what's going wrong.  Most importantly your team will learn how to practice these principles, use them to work more effectively, and pass this knowledge on to others.  Create a culture of leadership and problem solving.


Negotiation Skills – a primer on basic negotiation skills and ways to eliminate the need for last minute negotiations that cause lower prices and margins.


These are just a few ideas.  Contact Hastings Growth Team to see how we can increase your revenue through sales skills training.