How to Hire Salespeople

Hiring Salespeople -

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Hiring Sales People - 3 Things to do First

One of hardest aspects for most businesses is hiring the right salespeople.  There are 3 steps that are critical to do before you hire your next (or first) salesperson.

  1. Define your Culture
  2. Have a Standards of Performance document in place
  3. Have a Compensation Plan in place that motivates your salespeople to produce revenue

Talk to HGT - we have interviewed thousands and hired hundreds of salespeople.  We have a process that will guide you to the right salespeople for your company.  We are not recruiters we just know how to sort through your resumes, interview, and find the right people.

We can also discuss the 5 Steps to Hiring and Keeping Great Salespeople.  Knowing what to do at each step of your salesperson's journey is essential to your success.

Contact us today so we can determine together if we can bring in the right people for your business.


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