CRM Customer Relationship Management

Why do you need a CRM?

Customers are the life of any business.  Without paying customers a business will not survive.  There is a real need to know who your potential customers are, who your current customers are, and who is continuing to buy from you.  This is why you need a CRM.

The key to customer development is to know what customers to go after, keep a record of your touches, know who your customer contacts are, know when they are forecasted to buy.  Using professional campaigns that continue to keep you front of mind with the customer are essential.

Use multiple funnels to track post sale milestones; delivery of product, installation or delivery, and billing.

Use a customer service funnel for managing upstream sales and post-sales add-ons.

We recommend pipedrive as the CRM you should use.  With full disclosure Hastings Growth Team is an Affiliate provider of pipedrive.  We explored the features and ease of use of other CRMs and while there are many top rated small business CRMs we use pipedrive as our own CRM and recommend it to our clients.

We will help you organize pipedrive and instruct your people on how to use it.  Once in place you will have a single source view of your past, current, and future sales.

Here’s a little more about pipedrive:

 Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small businesses master the selling process. It works especially well in cases where the sales cycle is long and many people are involved.

You can use pipedrive on multiple devices.  Your sales team can use it in the field on their mobile devices even when there isn’t Internet access available.  Just add the field data and it will sync up once Internet is available.

The pipeline-centric system is strategically built on the proven selling methodology that keeps the team’s focus on the only thing they can control in sales – actions that push deals to close.

Pipedrive is built to give you unmatched pipeline visibility.  In the pipline view, deals are categorized by sales stage.  This view allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities.  The visual pipeline and timely notifications reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure no deal falls through the cracks.

Pipedrive is fully customizable at all levels.  Easily change the funnel stages and activity types to match your unique needs.

Pipedrive has control features to allow permission based access to all funnels and the ability to add multiple funnels for different groups within your organization.


Here’s the bottom line – unless you can measure the performance of your sales team your business will not grow as rapidly as it should.  Schedule some time for a no obligation discussion on how Hastings Growth Team can help.