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Sales Manager Development -

we call this sitting around the campfire.  Sales management experience isn't learned overnight or by reading a book.  Often companies promote their best sales person to be the next sales manager.  Being an individual contributor doesn't prepare you for being a sales manager.  The developmental process can be accelerated by working with someone who has been-there-done-that. This program is perfect if you are a salesperson who wants to move into sales leadership.  This is also the program for companies that want to strengthen their manager to handle the tough issues and provide the groundwork for future success.

Are you experiences any of these scenarios:

  • You are a new Sales Manager with no formal training.
  • You hired a new Sales Manager who has experience - but does not have any formal leadership training
  • Your current Sales Manager struggles with team discipline, hiring/firing, knowing how coach and other personnel issues.
  • Your Sales Manager knows how to sell, but can't coach others how to do it.

This short list is what most companies experience, but is not inclusive.  Hastings Growth Team listen to you and personalize the program to if your needs so that you surpass your goals.

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Leadership Coaching for Continued Development

Even when you have been a manager or other position with direct reports you often need additional coaching/mentoring for career development.  Hastings Growth Team uses a proven L.E.A.D (Leadership Evolution & Accountability Development) Plan to guide participants through the process.  While leadership is comprised of many attributes, the 3 that we work on first are problem solving, communication, and accountability.  Whether you call it career development or leadership coachingthis process works and will help you succeed.

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