Pound the Drum

Pound the Drum

As the calendar slides into August it’s time to start “pounding the drum”.  For those sales people who work on a calendar year it’s time to plan the remainder of 2017.  For those who have a different sales cycle just apply this same program to match your fiscal year.

Pounding the drum means to stay on pace, keep doing all the activity that is necessary to be successful.  Steady like a drumbeat – like a heartbeat.

Here’s what happens to a lot of sales people – they slide through August because customers are on vacation.  They don’t get their momentum back up until mid-September due to Labor Day and the kids getting back to school.

This delay then causes sales people to go into high gear through the first part of November.  By the time they are seeing results it’s now Thanksgiving – and the holiday excuses begin.  Their customers are too busy to see them, it’s year-end, clients are too busy, and you have heard them all.  Now it’s a mad dash to make some last-minute deals that will save their year or send them to President’s Club.

Now here’s a radical idea – Pound the Drum – start now to finish the year strong.  If you are in sales leadership have meetings now to plan how you will start a strong sales campaign starting on September 5th.  If you are a salesperson and your company doesn’t follow this plan then do it for yourself.

Here’s the basics for Pounding the Drum

  1. Plan your program in August
    • What is the big goal – the sales number you need to reach
    • What activity will produce that level of attainment
      • What metrics are you going to measure and how will you track the results
      • What do you need to do every day though the end of the year
    • What Marketing plan do you need to implement
    • Do you need assistance from any other internal group
    • How are you going to roll it out to the sales team(s)

  1. Begin implementing it on September 5th
    • Incorporate the program into your weekly meetings – pound the drum
    • Send out constant updates – pound the drum
    • Make “pounding the drum” part of your vocabulary – talk about it often

  1. The theme of the plan is that there are no slow days through the end of the year – pound the drum – no slow days, no excuses
    • Plan now so that appointments can be made between Thanksgiving and Christmas – pound the drum
    • Yes, customers get busy – but not all of them – and yes, you will have to work harder when other people may be taking it easy
    • As you get into December start making appointments for January and February – pound the drum

  1. Finish the year strong and have carry over into the next year – pound the drum
    • No slow days – no excuses – pound the drum

If this plan interests you then reach out to me and schedule some time to discuss how to “Pound the Drum


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