3 Ways to Get More Done

We all can do more during the day.  Common to most of us are three roadblocks to a successful day; not enough time, undesirable tasks that clutter our mind, plus digital cocoons and eternal meetings that suck the life out of us during the day.

Here’s how to crash through those barriers.

Do One More Thing

Simple concept, do one more thing at the end of every day to advance your goals.  When you are done for the day and ready to leave sit back down and do one more thing.  This could be one more phone call, one more email, one more cold call, one more of anything that will help you succeed.

There are 240 workdays in a year when you figure 48 workable weeks in a year (take out vacations and short weeks), and with 5 days per work week that’s 240 work days to get extra things done.

Everyone has their own success ratio – the ratio of success related to the number of activities that you do.  If your success ratio is 10% then you will accomplish a minimum of 24 additional successes during the year.  With 2 more successes per month you just increased your ability to not only reach your goals but blow through them.

Now here’s the fun part.  Just like adding reps to your workout at the gym, doing one more thing adds more activity to your day.  The One More Thing that you are doing every day will soon become integrated into your daily activity and you will be adding an additional One More Thing each day – this is like compound interest.  By the end of the year you will have added 4, 5, or possibly 6 more things every day that you weren’t doing the previously.

This incremental addition of successful tasks to your day will mean a huge leap in your ability to achieve your goals.  Successful people don’t have more time in the day they just use their time to maximum advantage.

Undesirable Clutter

There will always be tasks that you do not get done each day, or tasks that need to be scheduled for a future day.  At the end of each day make a list of what you need to do the next day.  Start the next day by doing the least desirable task first.

By starting your day with an accomplishment and getting rid of an undesirable task you will feel energized and will get more done during the day.  You will free yourself of clutter and get more done during the day.

Do a reset after lunch if your list begins to increase during the morning.  Prioritize your list and do the least desirable thing immediately.   Procrastination increases the clutter in your mind which makes it harder to concentrate and accomplish what you need to do.

Crash through barriers, always do the undesirable before you do the urgent.

Digital Cocoon and the Eternal Meeting

Too many of us drag things out.   Two big time sucks are the digital cocoon and the eternal meeting.  This is because people don’t want to be confrontational or they just want to prolong the agony of making a decision.

The digital cocoon is where we go when we don’t want to communicate directly.  We communicate digitally (email, text, or work share apps) rather than talking directly to those involved.  All of us have seen unbelievably long email strings where people are not solving anything.  My rule is never send a third email or text.  Instead of continuing the madness call or walk across the office and talk directly to those involved. Get things done – communicate now.

The eternal meeting is the corporate version of purgatory.  These meetings are scheduled repeatedly, taking up valuable time during the day.  Nothing gets resolved, except the need to have one more meeting.

Here’s the basic rules to crash through this brick wall:

  • Have an agenda – listing the reason for having the meeting
  • Invite only the necessary people
  • Everyone invited must participate – if someone doesn’t participate, then why are they there
  • During the meeting assign any unresolved issue to one of the participants. The assignment must be completed before the next meeting and a report given during the next meeting.
  • At the end of the meeting review all assignments and have mutual agreement that everyone knows what to do.
  • Schedule the next meeting to coincide with the completion of all the assignments.

Never end a meeting without resolution of the topic or the assignment of to-dos with a firm schedule for completion.  The goal is to come to a decision not plan the next eternal meeting.

As you do one more thing, get rid of the undesirable clutter, and end the cycle of digital cocoons and eternal meetings you will bust through the barriers and become more successful.

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