3 Things You Must Do Before You Hire Your Next Salesperson



There are 3 things to consider before you hire your next (first) salesperson.  WHO are you going to hire, WHAT are they going to do, and HOW and WHEN are you going to pay them.

Companies struggle with finding the right salesperson and when they do there is often high turnover.  Often the wrong type of salesperson is hired, they are not give adequate instructions, and they feel unappreciated.  To counter this trend, go through these three steps before you begin to hire your next salesperson.

  1. Define your corporate culture
  2. Write a Standards of Performance document
  3. Put your commission plan on paper and verify that it matches your culture and the SoP


First – define your corporate culture.  This is the “WHO”.  Who are do you need to hire.  Write it down – this is important.  You need to be able to fully explain what your culture is about and have agreement on this statement with your existing people.

You will need to find salespeople that will represent your company – salespeople are usually the only people that potential customers ever encounter.  Your salespeople need to represent your values as well as your products and services.

Second – write out and have all salespeople sign a Standards of Performance document.  The SoP is important because you need to be able to explain to your salespeople what it is that they need to do.  Also make it clear that the SoP is not a suggestion or guide, but rather actual Standards of Performance that must be met.  You will need to analyze your sales metrics, product mix, and marketing strategy before completing your SoP.  The SoP will describe all the activities and levels of sales attainment necessary to be successful.

Third – have a written Commission Plan that reflects your culture and rewards the behavior that is listed in the SoP.  There is a lot to include in preparing a meaningful compensation plan so this is just a placeholder for inclusion.

This planning gives you the ability to make intelligent decisions when hiring salespeople.  You are hiring people that embrace and exhibit your company’s culture.  You are providing a written description of what your expectations are, and your salespeople are acknowledging this by signing the SoP.  Lastly, you are compensating your salespeople fairly by rewarding them when they represent your company and do the required activities.

The most important part of this process is what happens after you have hired your salespeople – follow through and accountability.

Hastings Growth Team can guide you through the 5 Step Process of Hiring and Keeping Great Salespeople.

  1. Know your Culture and who you need, have a written and signed SoP and Comp Plan in place.  Workshops coming in January and February 2018
  2. Next up is the Interview process – Posting an accurate job description and asking the right questions will allow you to hire the correct salesperson.
  3. Once hired, your new salesperson will need a proper on-boarding process and ramping schedule.
  4. Early stage sales leadership is necessary to keep your salesperson on track.
  5. Mature stage leadership will ensure they stay and provide future leadership for your growing sales force.

For additional information please schedule a call or meeting with us – there’s a lot more to know and do when hiring salespeople.



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