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Individual coaching applies to Solopreneurs, Leadership Candidates, and Salespeople – all for different reasons.


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On-Boarding for Sales Success

On-boarding a New Salesperson You have hired your next high performing salesperson. What should you do to properly on-board this rock star and keep them motivated. Approximately 1/3 of all new hires quit within the first six months. Poor on-boarding is a big contributor to people leaving a company quickly. Companies spend money to recruit, interview, and hire […]

Qualify with B.R.A.N.D. | It’s Risky to Only Solve the Customer’s Pain

Qualify with B.R.A.N.D  |   It’s Risky to Only Solve the Customer’s Pain If you are only going after the customer’s pain, then you are selling to only a small part of how they buy. Here’s some interesting generalizations: 25% of all prospects will NEVER buy from you – period. 25% of all prospects like you […]

How to Fix a Broken Sales Team

Sales Teams in Transition As a sales manager, whenever you are assigned to manage a new team it’s always a challenge – somewhere between Tommy Boy and Glengarry Glen Ross. There are very few opportunities to assume the leadership of a well run highly productive sales team. Why? Because the teams that are run well don’t […]

Everyday Leadership – Leadership Every Day

 Everyday Leadership | Leadership Everyday  Everyday Leadership – the practice of actions and words that inspire others to do the right thing.  There’s a common refrain that “everyone is in sales.”  The belief is that no matter what you do you are selling something.  Here’s another idea – everyone is in leadership.  The belief here […]